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 Illidan bug

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PostSubject: Illidan bug   Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:18 am

Due to the recent boss appearances in major cities (3 Illidan Stormrages in Silvermoon City, 2 Archimondes in Undercity, Archimonde outside of Shattrath, Archimonde in Thunderbluff Shocked ) My guild decided to kill one of the Illidans. We did eventually kill him but he didn't give us any loot.confused Here is screenshot: If this doesn't show up i can send via email.

If you guys could give us the loot that was be awesome.

O ya on a side note a part from this bug, is it possible to get high level gems because i haven't been getting any from mining, mobs, etc.

Deathdealer horde lvl 70

Keep going with the server it rocks still the best one I've played on8)
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Illidan bug
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